DOODLED AND DUAL SIGNED Penny Pangolin and the Missing Ant Cake (Hardcover)

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This special edition of this beloved hardcover children's book is signed by both the author, Wayne D. Kramer in North America, and the illustrator, Jade Zivanovic in Australia!

Additionally, Jade has added unique Penny Pangolin doodles along with her signature! No two are the same, making this a unique piece that no one but you will have!

Printed in Australia and available in VERY limited quantities for a short time.

In Penny Pangolin and the Missing Ant Cake, Penny’s favorite lemon-ant cake dessert is in trouble!  Her neighbor, Edith Aardvark, steals the cake and puts herself in danger, forcing Penny to choose between what she feels is deserved and what is right. Leaning on themes of forgiveness, grace, and the consequences of actions, friends will ultimately come together in a happy twist ending.

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