Murdoch & The Healer Hardcover Set

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All three hardcovers of Heroes of Time Legends: The Healer, Heroes of Time Legends: Murdoch's Choice, and Heroes of Time Legends: Murdoch's Shadow.

The Healer:

A butterfly's wing is healed, and destiny unfolds. Follow the healer's path as he walks between shadow and light.

Fulgar Geth's life has been one of grief and hardship since childhood. With his strange abilities to heal and wield forces of magnetism, he is often shunned and misunderstood. Unable to catch a break by following society's rules, he and his lifelong friend Binny take to a life of vagabond thievery, hoping to scrape by until better days. Their dream: to follow the clues around an ancient talisman to a place of power, a power they believe will allow them to achieve a destiny free from the rule and control of others.

But circumstances take a turn for the worse, sending Fulgar into a tailspin of depression and regret that nearly costs him his health, his faith, and everyone he cares about.

Meanwhile, a dangerous Shadow Mage pursues him, intent on harvesting Fulgar's powers. A mysterious order of protectors steps in to help guide Fulgar's path and fight the persistent presence of dark forces. With everyone's interests revolving around his powers, Fulgar must decide whom he can trust and what it truly means to have faith.

Join Fulgar and his comrades in this tale of friendship, adventure, action, magic, and personal discovery in this prequel installment of the "Heroes of Time" series!

Murdoch's Choice:

"A thrilling sea-faring fantasy packed with swords, magic, inhuman foes, and endearing heroes."-BookLife (by Publishers Weekly)

Captain Murdoch has the chance of a lifetime in his grasp…or is it just a fool’s errand?

Zale “the Gale” Murdoch, one of the greatest seafaring merchants in the kingdom of Tuscawny, is at the top of his game. No one has reached the guild’s grandmaster status in generations, and he’s but one job away, with his biggest rival right on his heels. When a mysterious stranger approaches him with information that will seemingly ensure his success, Zale is tempted. The mission: to retrieve the Grimstone, a mythical artifact obscured by the shadows of history and religious folklore…an object of immeasurable value…if it’s real. The journey to find out could cost him more than his reputation and a leisurely retirement. He’ll have to battle dark magic on a perilous voyage to the hostile land where the Grimstone is reportedly hidden…a land very few sailors return from alive.

Starlina Murdoch, Zale’s estranged daughter, wants nothing to do with the sea. But Jensen, the boy she loves, is a member of her father’s crew and determined to make a career as a sailor. As she becomes unexpectedly entangled with her father’s voyage, she must find her bearings amongst the crew and decide for herself where her dreams truly lead.

Join Zale, Starlina, and the rest of the crew on an epic adventure of daring, danger, and magic! This is just the first installment of the “Heroes of Time” series, and you won’t want to miss the rest!

"Unique magic system...pirate and heist theme.... It's 
Mistborn on a boat." -Alex McHaddad, News Director at EOAlive.TV

Murdoch's Shadow:

It all started with a mysterious client, asking us to retrieve an artifact known as the Grimstone. We were sure it was just a myth, along with the so-called Shadow Age it had come from. But in the course of our journey...having successfully recovered the Grimstone...we learned that, not only was the Shadow Age very real... had never truly ended.

Choices have consequences, even if you're the famous sea captain Zale "the Gale" Murdoch.

Following their quest for the mythical Grimstone, Zale, his daughter Starlina, and the entire crew find their home town of Warvonia in a dire state. Once a major sea hub, the harbor is in ruin, covered in life-threatening darkfrost. High Count Vidimir Tefu, Zale's former client, will stop at nothing to restore the full might of Void, what he views as the kingdom's salvation. Ancient forces and sorcery from the Shadow Age itself are rallied against Zale, his crew, and his home.

Meanwhile, as Starlina Murdoch witnesses both her father and her fiance, Jensen fall to the Shadow's devices, she must find strength within herself she never knew existed to take up her father's quest for the Eye of Shi'kha, all the while wondering if she will ever see Jensen or her father again.

Can Zale, Starlina, and the motley crew of Murdoch's Mates recover the darkest, once-concealed powers of Void and Shadow and hope to control them before it's too late? Find out in 
Murdoch's Shadow!

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